Goal Skills Abilities Month
-어휘력 늘리기
-상황 별 표현 연습
-문법을 통해 규칙 알기
-묻고 답하기
-교과서에 나오는 단어
-교과서 문장을 이해하고 응용
-기초적인 문법을 영어로 배우기
-간단한 문장을 만들어 쓰기
-50단어 이상의 글을 읽고 이해
-다양한 어휘에 노출
7 months
(주 5일 기준)
Days Lesson
Subjuct Vocabulary
1 Welcome Introduction sing, talk, sit, stand
Art Class Lesson 1. School Supplies paper, glue, scissors, paint
Lesson 2. School Supplies pencil, pen, crayon, marker
2 Lesson 3. Story
Lesson 4. Phonics Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd
3 Let’s Play Lesson 1. Toys balloon, ball, doll, yo-yo
Lesson 2. Toys train, boat, jet, car
4 Lesson 3. Story
Lesson 4. Phonics Ee, Ff, Gg
5 Review 1
6 Many Colors Lesson 1. Colors red, blue, yellow, green
Lesson 2. Colors orange, purple, pink, brown
7 Lesson 3. Story
Lesson 4. Phonics Hh, Ii, Jj
8 Counting Lesson 1. Numbers one~five
Lesson 2. Numbers six~ten
9 Lesson 3. Story
Lesson 4. Phonics Kk, Ll, Mm
10 Review 2
11 Animals Lesson 1. Pets cat/cats, dog/dogs, bird/birds, rabbit/rabbits
Lesson 2. Farm Animals goat/goats, duck/ducks, cow/cows, horse/horses
12 Lesson 3. Story
Lesson 4. Phonics Nn, Oo, Pp
13 Lunch Lesson 1. Food milk, water, bread, candy
Lesson 2. Food rice, beans, chicken, fish
14 Lesson 3. Story
Lesson 4. Phonics Qq, Rr, Ss
15 Review 3
16 Things to Do Lesson 1. Abilities walk, run, skip, jump
Lesson 2. Abilities swim, dance, wink, sing
17 Lesson 3. Story
Lesson 4. Phonics Tt, Uu, Vv
18 My Body Lesson 1. My Face ears, eyes, mouth, nose
Lesson 2. My Body clap my hands, stomp my feet, swing my arms, shake my legs
19 Lesson 3. Story
Lesson 4. Phonics Ww, Xx, Yy, Zz
20 Review 4
Days Lesson
Subjuct Vocabulary
21 Welcome Introduction listen, point, count, talk, ask, answer
First Day Lesson 1. School Supplies pen, pencil, eraser, ruler, pencil case, bookpack
Lesson 2. School Supplies book, notebook, desk, chair
22 Lesson 3. Story
Lesson 4. Shapes circle, square, triangle, rectangle
23 Art Class Lesson 1. Art Supplies paint, paper, chalk, yarn, glue, tape
Lesson 2. Colors red, yellow, blue, white, black
24 Lesson 3. Story
Lesson 4. Colors green, purple, orange, pink, gray, brown
25 Review 1 / Phonics 1
26 Birthday Party Lesson 1. Numbers one~twelve
Lesson 2. Toys doll, ball, car, kite, dolls, balls, cars, kites
27 Lesson 3. Story
Lesson 4. Toys game, marble, puzzle, card
28 Home Lesson 1. Family mother, father, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather
Lesson 2. Food juice, chicken, fish, ice cream
29 Lesson 3. Story
Lesson 4. Food pizza, rice, cake, bread
30 Review 2 / Phonics 2
31 The Park Lesson 1. Nature flower, tree, rock, river, hill, lake
Lesson 2. Playtime play soccer, jump rope, flya kite,
ride a bike
32 Lesson 3. Story
Lesson 4. Animals turtle, frog, spider, ant
33 The Zoo Lesson 1. Animals monkey, elephant, tiger, bear, kangaroo, penguin
Lesson 2. Animals snake, giraffe, lion, zebra
34 Lesson 3. Story
Lesson 4. Abilities run, hop, swim, walk
35 Review 3 / Phonics 3
36 Science Day Lesson 1. My Body arm, hand, finger, leg, foot, toe
Lesson 2. My Face eye, nose, mouth, ear
37 Lesson 3. Story
Lesson 4. Healthy Habits wash my face, wash my hands,
brush my hair, brush my teeth
38 The Toy Store Lesson 1. Adjectives old, new, big, small, long, short
Lesson 2. Adjectives fast, slow, noisy, quiet
39 Lesson 3. Story
Lesson 4. Transportation bus, truck, train, boat
40 Review 4 / Phonics 4
Days Lesson
Subjuct Vocabulary
41 Welcome Introduction read, write, spell, come to the board, open your book, close your book
How We Feel Lesson 1. Feelings happy, sad, hot, cold, hungry, thirsty
Lesson 2. Feelings sick, tired, bored, excited
42 Lesson 3. Story
Lesson 4. The Senses see, hear, smell, taste, touch
43 In Town Lesson 1. Jobs doctor, nurse, teacher, student, pilot, cook
Lesson 2. Jobs police officer, firefighter, bus driver, soccer player
44 Lesson 3. Story
Lesson 4. Places hospital, school, home, restaurant
45 Review 1 / Phonics 1
46 Things to Eat Lesson 1. Food soup, salad, spaghetti, french fries, steak, eggs
Lesson 2. Fruit apple, banana, orange, peach
47 Lesson 3. Story
Lesson 4. Dairy Products milk, yogurt, cheese, butter
48 Things to Wear Lesson 1. Clothes shirt, dress, skirt, pants, socks, shoes
Lesson 2. Clothes cap, T-shirt, shorts, sneakers
49 Lesson 3. Story
Lesson 4. Clothes hat, coat, sweater, boots
50 Review 2 / Phonics 2
51 Things to Do Lesson 1. Actions read, write, draw, talk, sing, dance
Lesson 2. Actions eat, drink, sleep, play
52 Lesson 3. Story
Lesson 4. Activities play the guitar, listen to music, watch TV, do homework
53 Home Lesson 1. Things at Home bed, bookshelf, table, sofa, clock, computer
Lesson 2. Rooms bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen
54 Lesson 3. Story
Lesson 4. Numbers zero~one hundred
55 Review 3 / Phonics 3
56 My Day Lesson 1. My Day one o’clock, one fifteen, one thirty, one forty-five, two o’clock
Lesson 2. Meals breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner
57 Lesson 3. Story
Lesson 4. Daily Routine wake up, go to school, come home, go to bed
58 My Week Lesson 1. Subjects science, art, math, P.E., music, social studies
Lesson 2. Classes karate class, dance class, swimming class, English class
59 Lesson 3. Story
Lesson 4. Countries Brazil, Canada, Egypt, South Korea
60 Review 4 / Phonics 4
Days Lesson
Subjuct Vocabulary
61 Welcome Introduction Study for test, Take a rest, Check your homework, Hand in your homework
How We Feel Lesson 1. Things to Eat gum, popcorn, peanuts, chocolate, potato chips, soda
Lesson 2. Vegetables carrot, onion, pepper, cabbage, potato, tomato
62 Lesson 3. Story
Lesson 4. Cooking omelet, smoothie, fruit salad, milkshake
63 Around Town Lesson 1. Places to Go park, movie theater, supermarket, post office, department store, library
Lesson 2. Things to Do shop, watch a movie, borrow books, mall letters, buy groceries, kick a ball
64 Lesson 3. Story
Lesson 4. Activities color, cut, glue, fold
65 Review 1 / Phonics 1
66 People in Town Lesson 1. Occupations cashier, librarian, postal worker, salesperson, server, vet
Lesson 2. What People Do make food, sell things, help sick animals, drive buses, fly planes, fight fires
67 Lesson 3. Story
Lesson 4. Illnesses cold, fever, stomachache, headache
68 Getting Together Lesson 1. Family parents, grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousin
Lesson 2. Things on the Table fork, knife, spoon, plate, bowl, cup
69 Lesson 3. Story
Lesson 4. Countries Mexico, Japan, Russia, Turkey
70 Review 2 / Phonics 2
71 Fun in the Park Lesson 1. Adjectives tall/short, old/young, strong/weak, girl/boy, woman/man
Lesson 2. Adjectives thick, thin, clean, dirty, pretty, ugly
72 Lesson 3. Story
Lesson 4. Adjectives hard, soft, heavy, light
73 Helping Out Lesson 1. Chores make my bed, clean my room, do laundry, walk the dog, set the table, wash the dishes
Lesson 2. Chores sweep the floor, take out the garbage, clean the bathroom, wash the car, vacuum the carpet, water the plants
74 Lesson 3. Story
Lesson 4. Farm Chores milk the cows, feed the chickens, pick vegetables, collect eggs
75 Review 3 / Phonics 3
76 Out and About Lesson 1. Places to Go beach, aquarium, amusement park, museum, hotel, pool
Lesson 2. Places to Go bookstore, pharmacy, toy store, hair salon, coffee shop, flower shop
77 Lesson 3. Story
Lesson 4. Weather sunny, rainy, cloudy, windy, stormy, snowy
78 Things We Use Lesson 1. School Supplies folder, lunchbox, water bottle, dictionary, calculator, stapler
Lesson 2. Art Supplies magazine, poster, pencil sharpener, paintbrush, glue stick, scissors
79 Lesson 3. Story
Lesson 4. Technology cell phone, laptop, digital TV, digital camera
80 Review 4 / Phonics 4
Days Lesson
Subjuct Vocabulary
Level 5 81 Welcome Introduction work with your partner, work with your group, write your name at the top of the page, write you answer on the board
Fun Outdoors Lesson 1. Camping climb, hike, canoe, fish, grill hamburgers, watch birds
Lesson 2. Sports ski, snowboard, ice skate, in-line skate, skateboard, surf
82 Lesson 3. Reading The Skating Lesson
Lesson 4. Safety wear a helmet, put on sunscreen, wear a life jacket, fasten your seatbelt
83 Land and Sea Lesson 1. Animals and Insects hippopotamus, gorilla, panda, butterfly, caterpillar, bee
Lesson 2. Sea Creatures eel, seal, dolphin, squid, whale, shark
84 Lesson 3. Reading The Best Cap
Lesson 4. Weight and Length lizard, beetle, crab, octopus
85 Review 1 / Reading 1
86 Appearance Lesson 1. What We Look Like short hair, shoulder-length hair, long hair, straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair
Lesson 2. Accessories watch, necklace, earrings, sunglasses, gloves, belt
87 Lesson 3. Reading The School Play
Lesson 4. Camouflage stick, leaf, grass, sand
88 Last Week Lesson 1. Sports baseball, basketball, volleyball, golf, tennis, table tennis
Lesson 2. Activities practice the piano, use the computer, talk on the phone, help my parents, visit my friend, work on a project
89 Lesson 3. Reading The Baseball Game
Lesson 4. Ancient Rome stone, clay, glass, metal
90 Review 2 / Reading 2
91 A Day Out Lesson 1. Food and Drink noodles, curry, sushi, lemonade, grape juice, tea
Lesson 2. Things to Do go bowling, take a picture, see a parade, have a picnic, get a haircut, buy clothes
92 Lesson 3. Reading The Missing Backpack
Lesson 4. Dinosaurs feather, tall, claw, wing
93 Being Creative Lesson 1. The Arts sing songs, make movies, write stories, design clothes, paint pictures, make models
Lesson 2. Making Things cook dinner, bake cookies, make jewelry, make a card, knit a scarf, play music
94 Lesson 3. Reading Good Neighbors
Lesson 4. Types of Art painting, photography, mosaic, sculpture
95 Review 3 / Reading 3
96 Things to Be Lesson 1. Careers actor, artist, musician, game designer, journalist, scientist
Lesson 2. The Future go to space, fly a helicopter, work with animals, drive a race car, explore the jungle, travel the world
97 Lesson 3. Reading Space Museum
Lesson 4. In Space space shuttle, space station, space suit, Earth
98 On Vacation Lesson 1. Activities take a boat ride, see a show, go on a bus tour, ride a horse, swim in the ocean, stay in a hotel
Lesson 2. Things for a Trip swimsuit, towel, money, tent, flashlight, sleeping bag
99 Lesson 3. Reading Vacation Plans
Lesson 4. Transportation taxi, ferry, subway, gondola
100 Review 4 / Reading 4
Days Lesson
Subjuct Vocabulary
101 Welcome Introduction The 7 continents
How do you say this in English?
Could you say that again, please?
May I go to the restaurant?
May I get a drink of water?
Vacation Lesson 1. Activities act in a play, learn how to dive, ride a roller coaster, read a lot of books, win a competition, sleep late
Lesson 2. Feelings relaxed, nervous, confident, shy, wide-awake, sleepy
102 Lesson 3. Reading The Surfing Lesson
Lesson 4. Travel and Trade silk, goods, difficult, ruler, return, become famous
103 Camping Lesson 1. In the Woods study insects, identify trees, pick wild strawberries, find animal tracks, explore a cave, collect leaves
morning, afternoon
Lesson 2. Making Camp set up the tent, build a campfire, roast fish, tell stories, put out the campfire, look at the stars
104 Lesson 3. Reading The Cave
Lesson 4. Plants oxygen, seed, size, root, underground, stem
105 Review 1 / Skills 1
106 Class Party Lesson 1. Planning a Party order pizzas, bake cupcakes, bring fruit juice, choose the music, make decorations, buy balloons
Lesson 2. Starting a Party pour the juice, serve the pizzas, set up the music, blow up the balloons, put up the decorations, put out the cupcakes
107 Lesson 3. Reading It’s Not Safe
Lesson 4. Celebrations celebrate, season, tradition, delicious, child, samba parade
108 The Amazon Rainforest Lesson 1. Comparisons colorful macow, plain egret, dangerous jaguar, friendly river dolphin, energetic spider monkey, calm sloth
Lesson 2. Comparison easy puzzle, comfortable sandals, cheap bracelet, difficult puzzle, uncomfortable sandals, expensive bracelet
109 Lesson 3. Reading A New Snowboard
Lesson 4. Biomes natural community, freshwater, desert, forest, grassland, tundra
110 Review 2 / Skills 2
111 Busy Students Lesson 1. Activities wash my hair, take a shower, floss my teeth, check my calendar, pack my schoolbag, iron my clothes
Lesson 2. Adverbs slowly, quickly, carefully, carelessly, quietly, loudly
112 Lesson 3. Reading The Recital
Lesson 4. Your Health successful, exercise, possible, balanced meal, habit, early
113 Making Things Lesson 1. Quantities a cup of flour, a half cup of water, a quarter cup of salt, a tablespoon of cooking oil, a teaspoon of baking soda, a drop of food coloring
Lesson 2. Supplies aprons, toothpicks, paper clips, cardboard, masking tape, modeling clay
114 Lesson 3. Reading Where’s the Parthenon?
Lesson 4. The Pyramids take, farmer, artisan, move, pull, site
115 Review 3 / Skills 3
116 World Travel Lesson 1. Countries India, Italy, Kenya, New Zealand, the UK, Peru
Lesson 2. Experiences go rafting, ride a camel, climb a mountain, hike in a rainforest, see the pyramids, go scuba diving
117 Lesson 3. Reading A New Friend
Lesson 4. Explorers high, reach, British, leave, grateful, lead
118 Computers Lesson 1. Using Computers turn on the computer, turn off the computer, turn up the volume, turn down the volume, log in the website, log out of the website
Lesson 2. Using Computers upload the photos, print the photos, download the music, play the music, write the email, send the email
119 Lesson 3. Reading Just a Minute
Lesson 4. Energy energy, source, wind turbine, electricity, dam, solar panel
120 Review 4 / Skills 4
Days Lesson
Subjuct Vocabulary
121 Welcome Introduction Egypt/Arabic, Korea/Korean, China/Chinese, Brazil/Portuguese, Japan/Japanese, Spain/Spanish
How do I get to the auditorium?
Which units will be on the exam?
Will you be my partner for the project?
When is the report due?
Getting Around Lesson 1. Directions up the street, over the bridge, uner the train tracks, around the fountain, along the river, down the stairs
Lesson 2. Transportation catch a taxi, ride the ferry, take the subway, ride the bus, take the train, drive a car
122 Lesson 3. Reading Finding the Fair
Lesson 4. Sightseeing capital, busy, similar, giant panda, honor, observe
123 Family Life Lesson 1. Responsibilities read textbooks, pay bills, go to bed early, repair the house, type a report, scrub the sink
Lesson 2. Privileges call friends, stay up late, invite a friend over, watch a scary movie, sing karaoke, have a party
124 Lesson 3. Reading Babysitting
Lesson 4. Basic Math addition, something, order, subtraction, multiplication, division
125 Review 1 / Skills 1
126 Student Life Lesson 1. Experiences own a laptop, like mystery novels, belong to the judo club, know your best friend, be class president, have a smartphone
Lesson 2. Experiences live in Paris, play the saxophone, build website, volunteer at a soup kitchen, collect comic books, study ballet
127 Lesson 3. Reading The Walk-a-Thon
Lesson 4. Origami century, papyrus, introduce, tool, samurai helmet, edge
128 Wants and Needs Lesson 1. Healthy Habits soap, perfume, toothpaste, hair gel, shampoo, cologne
Lesson 2. Healthy Habits conditioner, deodorant, mouthwash, sunscreen, lotion, dental floss
129 Lesson 3. Reading The Talent Show
Lesson 4. Water cycle, evaporation, water vapor, condensation, precipitation, collection
130 Review 2 / Skills 2
131 Around Town Lesson 1. Places to Go deli, pet shop, convenience store, jewelry store, pizzeria, bakery
Lesson 2. Places to Go mall, skate park, sports stadium, science museum, art gallery, arcade
132 Lesson 3. Reading The Missing Card
Lesson 4. The Human Body bone, muscle, ligament, support, project, tendon
133 Our Planet Lesson 1. Conservation reuse paper, turn off the lights, start a compost pile, recycle bottles and cans, shut off the water, plant a garden
Lesson 2. Conservation take public transportation, take reusable shopping bags, use energy-saving light bulbs, keep the air conditioner on low, grow your own vegetables, dry your clothes outside
134 Lesson 3. Reading A New Bicycle
Lesson 4. Pollution plastic, chemical, harmful, pollution, power plant, factory
135 Review 3 / Skills 3
136 Achievements Lesson 1. The Arts Verdi’s operas, Picasso’s paintings, Shakespeare’s plays, Beethoven’s symphonies, Michelangelo’s scultures, Balanchine’s ballets
Lesson 2. Engineering Projects Erie Canal, Trans-Siberian Railway, Hoover Dam, Seikan Tunnel, Taipei 101 Building, Oliverira Bridge
137 Lesson 3. Reading An Afternoon at the Opera
Lesson 4. Engineering Projects modern, body of water, daily, height, width, underwater
138 Graduation Day Lesson 1. Adjectives boring speech, bored audience, exciting award ceremony, excited award recipients, interesting performance, interested guests
Lesson 2. Things to Do open presents, write thank-you cards, send text messages, hang out with friends, visit relatives, pose for pictures
139 Lesson 3. Reading Behind the Curtains
Lesson 4. Discovery physicist, discover, graphene, flake, transparent, carbon
140 Review 4 / Skills 4

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